Jacob Trevino

Jacob Trevino is a Texas born Cincinnatian who brings the bigness of Texas and mixes it with the wonderment of imagination.
Owner of Gorilla Cinema, the Overlook Lodge, the Video Archive, Tokyo Kitty and soon to be Lonely Pine Steakhouse.
If not one of the busiest bar/restaurant owners… he’s probably the coolest.

Check out all of Jacob’s endevours below

Gorilla Cinema
the Overlook Lodge
the Video Archive
Tokyo Kitty
Lonely Pine Steakhouse

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Episode 60: Kelly Collette (part 3 of 3)

On the 60th Episode of Let’s Meet part 3 of 3
Learn about Queen City Murderinas
Chris’s Uncle’s murder is still at large… the end
Tim has an Amish television
Kelly guesses where Tim worked at the mall in 2 tries
Michael will buy anything from an Eastern European Accent.
Tim is terrible with accents

Kelly Collette

Kelly Collette is a standup comedian. She calls Go Bananas Comedy Club her home club.

She has been a finalist on CMT’s Next Big Comic, and tours clubs and colleges throughout the country. She has performed at the prestigious Limestone Comedy Festival, San Francisco Sketchfest, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and The Lucielle Ball Comedy Festival. She is featured on the CD from Lucyfest called “Live From Jamestown”.

Kelly toured with The Nobodies of Comedy, a national theatre tour of comedians you should know. She has opened for many comics for their albums including Ben Moore, Andy Woodhull and Rachel Feinstein. She is set to record her own album in the fall of 2018.

Kelly is also a featured emcee and storyteller. She has emceed for the Cincinnati Reds and has been a storyteller for “Cincy Storytellers” where you can hear her story on Soundcloud. She also produces a monthly standup storytelling show called “Truth Serum”.

Kelly’s writing has been published for Bust Magazine and in 2016 she wrote, produced and directed a parody play called “Reservoir Dames”. This all-female adaptation of “Reservoir Dogs” sold out and gained national attention.

Find More about Kelly below:


Episode 57: Kyla Mainous (part 3 of 3)

On the 57th Episode of Let’s Meet part 3 of 3
Find out if Kyla has ever seen a ghost
Kyla performs Here, Here and Here… here
Kyla might have a ghost in her new Covington home, that hates scrolling text art
Kyla is going to do live to vinyl recording at Least of All recordings in Brooklyn (Pre-order now)

Episode 56: Kyla Mainous (part 2 of 3)

On the 56th Episode of Let’s Meet part 2 of 3
Kyla performs Heavy her first single from an album not yet released
Giraffes have a lot of neck weight
We’ll learn how White Guy McKhaki pants wrote “I’ll follow you into the Dark”
Kyla thinks Michael’s lyrics are garbage