Rome Ntukogu

Rome Chicago with an Nt is one of the most interesting people you will ever meet.

He is a sushi roll of conflict and confusion which somehow breeds amazing ideas. Rome doesn’t think outside of the box, It’s like he has no concept of a box. He seems to be able to take a big idea and reduce them to a simple phrase. Then he can take a different phrase and expound on it for hours… and hours.

Rome loves power rangers and music.

Rome hates the concept of the old and outdated with a passion usually reserved only from a person who is considerably older and more outdated.

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PJ Neumann

PJ Neumann

Owner of Boomtown Biscuits and Whiskey

Following his dreams launched in the kitchen of his childhood home, PJ Neumann explored his adventure for taste at a young age, cooking with his mother. PJ cut his teeth in the service industry at fourteen. Sparked by opportunity in the back of house washing dishes, PJ served with diligence, carrying him through the hierarchy of roles, leading to management. Furthering his education at Xavier University, he studied finances, giving him a uniquely original perspective on analytics in the restaurant and bar industry. But PJ stayed tethered to the energy of the industry and used his passion for flavor and service to start his own food truck. Experimenting with comfort and creativity, PJ searched for a way of re-working his beloved industry without sacrificing opportunities to give guests gold through product and service. An at home cook with ambition and approachability met a dream of the perfect biscuit recipe. Grabbing an idea and an apron and snacking over the knowledge of Chef Christian Gill’s culinary experience, PJ became the proprietor of Boomtown Biscuits and Whiskey Bar. Like a warm, silky biscuit pairing perfectly with a dignified whiskey, the duo colonized Boomtown where PJ prospects a golden/prosperous future.

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Tim Hughes

He’s a good boy, loves her mama, Loves Jesus and America too. He’s a good boy, crazy ’bout Elvis, Loves horses… that pretty much sums Tim up. Except, not great with horses.

Tim is a IT professional specializing in script programming, project management, and making that thing you wanted to happen, happen.

He is also a professional musician. Current band OddlyOk can be found here: (BTW: this is also Michael’s current band)

He loves his family. Upon meeting, you become family and we all have family members we don’t like. You can be that one if you want, that’s up to you.


Michael Robinson

Michael likes long walks on the beach. He often sits silently for hours with nothing to do at all. We are kidding there’s no one who works more than this guy.

Michael runs his own local business in Cincinnati called The CLEAN. (website?)

Michael is a professional musician, his current band is Oddly Ok ( BTW this is also Tim’s current band)

Native of West Tennessee he has called Cincinnati home since 2002?