Episode 27: Jessica Mackey Noguera (part 3 of 3)

On the 27th episode of Let’s Meet part 3 of 3:
Cincinnati Yoga community grows
Michael doesn’t want to keep up with any of the Kardashians
Jessica talks about her relationship with food and names 3 animals
and Michael’s wife see’s a chicken truck for the first time

Episode 25: Jessica Mackey Noguera (part 1 of 3)

On the 25th episode of Let’s Meet part 1 of 3
Michael and Tim go to a wedding
Sean Connery impersonates Bane
Christian Slater will hate this
Michael loves transplants
Tim talks to eveyone on the street
Jessica doesn’t have to be humble here

I believe we found the golf course mentioned by Jessica here: https://avonfields.cincygolf.org/

Jessica Mackey Noguera

Jessica Mackey Noguera

Jessica’s relationship with yoga began 10 years ago.  At the time she was not ready for all this practice had to offer her.

After the death of her father, during a stay in a treatment center, she was reintroduced to yoga.  She found that learning to live with mental illness requires a variety of support, therapy, and self-care practices. Yoga has been an essential part of her recovery and daily self-cafe.

Jessica believes yoga is a gift my father, God, and the Universe gave her.  She talks about A Giving Practice as a journey because that is what it has been. She defines the journey as “ours” because it has never been just her’s alone.

Her gratitude for each and every part of the journey, for every person, every being,  extends far beyond what words will ever convey.

Anna Ferguson, from World Peace Yoga, said  “Yoga is whatever anyone chooses it to be.”  Yoga was and is whatever you need it to be. Thus far, it has been a path to peace and purpose.

Find even more information about Jessica below

A Giving Practice


Becca Cowles

Becca Cowles

Owner operator of Vagabond Salon

Becca Finn is a NAHA (North American Hair styling Awards) recognized stylist who is passionate about her craft. She loves learning all the latest trends and current tricks of the trade. She has an eye for detail that creates unique and personalized styles for each and every one of her clients.

She is known for creating modern and natural cuts and color using the latest trends in hair and fashion. She is also known for caring about our environment. She is taking these two passions and opening Cincinnati’s first portable, eco-friendly salon. While salons are notoriously wasteful, Vagabond Salon will have zero to very little negative impact on the environment.

Vagabond Salon is currently ran out of Salon Concepts in the Montgomery area of Cincinnati, Ohio. It will be relocating to an eco-friendly salon in the Madisonville neighborhood in the Spring/Summer of 2018.


Contact Becca:

(513) 472-0202

Articles about Becca and Vagabond Salon:

Vagabond Salon

Check Her Out: Becca Cowles of Vagabond Salon!


Episode 21 : The Ferrari Brothers (3 of 3)

On the 21th episode of Let’s Meet part 3 of 3:

  • Michael doesn’t care for San Francisco
  • Tony provides an expose on an 80’s cover-up!
  • The Ferrari Brothers Work on holograms
  • Tim books a flight to Australia
  • The Ferrari Brothers provide Google terms