Ran Barnaclo

A born & raised Cincinnati comedian, Ran Barnaclo is anything short of a hometown, B-List celebrity. Ran has proven himself a front runner in the local scene after winning the title of 2017’s Funniest Person in Cincinnati. Ran has also been nominated as ‘Best Comedian’ in Best of Cincinnati’s 2018 locally voted contest.

Ran’s comedy is full of calculated descriptions that have audiences laughing for days. His story telling abilities are so aggressively masterful they can take the crowd out of their seats and into the mind of the tattooed wizard.

Ran has been able to build a fan base at his home club, Go Banana’s Comedy Club; located right outside of Cincinnati. He has shared the stage with national headliners such as Cy Admundson, Sean Patton and Kyle Kinane.




Jacob Trevino

Jacob Trevino is a Texas born Cincinnatian who brings the bigness of Texas and mixes it with the wonderment of imagination.
Owner of Gorilla Cinema, the Overlook Lodge, the Video Archive, Tokyo Kitty and soon to be Lonely Pine Steakhouse.
If not one of the busiest bar/restaurant owners… he’s probably the coolest.

Check out all of Jacob’s endevours below

Gorilla Cinema
the Overlook Lodge
the Video Archive
Tokyo Kitty
Lonely Pine Steakhouse

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