Becca Cowles

Becca Cowles

Owner operator of Vagabond Salon

Becca Finn is a NAHA (North American Hair styling Awards) recognized stylist who is passionate about her craft. She loves learning all the latest trends and current tricks of the trade. She has an eye for detail that creates unique and personalized styles for each and every one of her clients.

She is known for creating modern and natural cuts and color using the latest trends in hair and fashion. She is also known for caring about our environment. She is taking these two passions and opening Cincinnati’s first portable, eco-friendly salon. While salons are notoriously wasteful, Vagabond Salon will have zero to very little negative impact on the environment.

Vagabond Salon is currently ran out of Salon Concepts in the Montgomery area of Cincinnati, Ohio. It will be relocating to an eco-friendly salon in the Madisonville neighborhood in the Spring/Summer of 2018.


Contact Becca:

(513) 472-0202

Articles about Becca and Vagabond Salon:

Vagabond Salon

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Episode 21 : The Ferrari Brothers (3 of 3)

On the 21th episode of Let’s Meet part 3 of 3:

  • Michael doesn’t care for San Francisco
  • Tony provides an expose on an 80’s cover-up!
  • The Ferrari Brothers Work on holograms
  • Tim books a flight to Australia
  • The Ferrari Brothers provide Google terms

Episode 20 : The Ferrari Brothers (2 of 3)

On the 20th episode of Let’s Meet part 2 of 3:

  • Tony Ferrari grew up as a kid
  • Tim finally finds out where the sign museum is located
  • Tony scares Tim with a bridge demolition
  • Austin knows how to shave a mussel

Episode 19 : The Ferrari Brothers (1 of 3)

On the 19th episode of Let’s Meet part 1 of 3:

  • Cincinnati has the best weather
  • When Austin thinks of Ohio he thinks of Kevin Hart, Not that Kevin Hart
  • Tony runs out of forks
  • You don’t need to die in Cincinnati
  • Michael grew up in a corporate coffee world

The Ferrari Brothers

The Ferrari Bros

Austin Ferrari

Austin started young in the restaurant world. He worked up through FOH and BOH at reputable restaurants in Cincinnati, and found himself interested more in the steps of service, beverage, and management. at the age of 16, little ferrari started tasting, reading, and studying more about wine and viticulture, which led him to join the team at the iconic chez panisse restaurant in Berkely. during his years at chez panisse restaurant, austin acquired his associates in business at the city college of berkeley, traveled to europe multiple times to study wine, its origins, and the production. While leading the beverage program at Hillside Supper Club he acquired his sommelier certification through the court of Master sommeliers. austin opened provender coffee & food in 2015 and is currently expanding in cincinnati, where he is opening ferrari barber & coffee co. and mom ‘n ’em coffee. While running all the outposts, austin also overseas all the operations and growth for the ferrari bros brand.

Tony Ferrari

Tony is a successful chef, restauranteur, and lifestyle personality. He was inspired to become a chef during his first kitchen job at age 13, washing dishes and making fresh pasta after school. He later graduated from culinary school at Johnson and Wales University, and worked at a variety of notable Miami restaurants before travelling to Europe to learn about old world technique and culinary traditions. Ferrari then received a James Beard and Jean Louis Palladin Foundation grant to travel to Thailand and the west coast to study holistic farming, cooking, and agriculture. Today he splits his time between San Francisco where he owns Hillside Supper Club and Provender Coffee, and his hometown Cincinnati where he owns Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. and Mom’ N’ em Coffee. His current project is Ferrari Bros, a brand that represents real estate, lifestyle, hospitality, travel, and consulting. He can be found riding his ducati, at food and wine events, or tinkering with his vintage car collection.


Episode 15 : Brandon Quillen (3 of 3)

On the 15th episode of Let’s Meet part 3 of 3:

  • Brandon hires Travis to delete himself.
  • Brandon’s Mom is a girl.
  • Brandon gets chickens and ducks off the internet.
  • Tim is dejected by a gas station attendant

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Episode 14 : Brandon Quillen (2 of 3)

On the 14th episode of Let’s Meet part 2 of 3:

  • Brandon deletes anything he doesn’t like.
  • No one ever responds to Travis’s posts.
  • Tim has to steal from kids.
  • Brandon ran out of saws.

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