Becca Cowles

Owner operator of Vagabond Salon

Becca Finn is a NAHA (North American Hair styling Awards) recognized stylist who is passionate about her craft. She loves learning all the latest trends and current tricks of the trade. She has an eye for detail that creates unique and personalized styles for each and every one of her clients.

She is known for creating modern and natural cuts and color using the latest trends in hair and fashion. She is also known for caring about our environment. She is taking these two passions and opening Cincinnati’s first portable, eco-friendly salon. While salons are notoriously wasteful, Vagabond Salon will have zero to very little negative impact on the environment.

Vagabond Salon is currently ran out of Salon Concepts in the Montgomery area of Cincinnati, Ohio. It will be relocating to an eco-friendly salon in the Madisonville neighborhood in the Spring/Summer of 2018.


Contact Becca:

(513) 472-0202

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