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Megan McAuley Warye

Megan McAuley Warye Megan is one of the fittest people Michael have met. Though she refused to arm wrestle Michael, we still know who would have won. Megan Instagram Megan Facebook

Katie Fraser

Katie Fraser Katie Fraser designs incredible brands for small businesses. Vividly Kate Gorilla Cinema Presents Gorilla Cinema Presents Facebook Gorilla Cinema Presents Instagram Gorilla Cinema Presents Twitter @gorillacinema Gorilla Cinema Presents Pintrest Tokyo Kitty The Overlook Lodge The Video Archive

Rome Ntukogu

Rome Chicago with an Nt is one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. He is a sushi roll of conflict and confusion which somehow breeds amazing ideas. Rome doesn’t think outside of the box, It’s like he has no concept of a box. He seems to be able to take a big …

PJ Neumann

PJ Neumann Owner of Boomtown Biscuits and Whiskey Following his dreams launched in the kitchen of his childhood home, PJ Neumann explored his adventure for taste at a young age, cooking with his mother. PJ cut his teeth in the service industry at fourteen. Sparked by opportunity in the back of house washing dishes, PJ …