PJ Neumann

Owner of Boomtown Biscuits and Whiskey

Following his dreams launched in the kitchen of his childhood home, PJ Neumann explored his adventure for taste at a young age, cooking with his mother. PJ cut his teeth in the service industry at fourteen. Sparked by opportunity in the back of house washing dishes, PJ served with diligence, carrying him through the hierarchy of roles, leading to management. Furthering his education at Xavier University, he studied finances, giving him a uniquely original perspective on analytics in the restaurant and bar industry. But PJ stayed tethered to the energy of the industry and used his passion for flavor and service to start his own food truck. Experimenting with comfort and creativity, PJ searched for a way of re-working his beloved industry without sacrificing opportunities to give guests gold through product and service. An at home cook with ambition and approachability met a dream of the perfect biscuit recipe. Grabbing an idea and an apron and snacking over the knowledge of Chef Christian Gill’s culinary experience, PJ became the proprietor of Boomtown Biscuits and Whiskey Bar. Like a warm, silky biscuit pairing perfectly with a dignified whiskey, the duo colonized Boomtown where PJ prospects a golden/prosperous future.


Podcast Episodes:

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